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  • Amory Lovins

    Amory Lovins

    Physicist Amory Lovins (1947– ) is Cofounder (1982) and Chairman Emeritus (Chief Scientist 2007–19) of Rocky Mountain Institute: www.rmi.org/staff/amory-lovins.

  • Arthur Monk, Philosophical Detective

    Arthur Monk, Philosophical Detective

    Stuck on an idea? Existential questions? Lost the plot entirely? Perhaps I can help: das.elektrisch.monk@gmail.com

  • Diego Salinas

    Diego Salinas

    Follow me on a journey through AI and Neuroscience on https://medium.com/artificial-intelligence-and-cognition

  • DigitalAgenda


    Thoughts on technology, business, politics and places.

  • Aaron Zamost

    Aaron Zamost

    All around random information obsessive. Previously @Square @Google @YouTube. Currently: pandemic homeschool teacher’s asst.

  • Minh Ngo

    Minh Ngo

    Social innovator. Builder. Activist. Passionate about freedom, democracy, human rights and equality.

  • Lawson Miller

    Lawson Miller

    Hi, I’m Lawson. BS in political science / MA in history from Arizona State University. Aspiring law student. Fighting to make the world a better place.

  • Magnify Community

    Magnify Community

    Powering local philanthropy to make Silicon Valley a better place for all of us.

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